The resources that are required to produce reusable shopping bags, paper and plastic bags could possibly end up as waste. We need to be using reusable bags regularly to have a better impact on the environment than disposable bags. The US EPA claims that a reusable bag only needs to be used eleven times to make a more positive impact on the environment than 11 plastic bags. The materials used in reusable bag production can have some impacts on the environment. Bags that are produced with non woven polypropylene require up to 28 times the energy to produce one bag (compared to one plastic bag), therefore these bags need to be used at a minimum of 28 times to cancel out the energy consumed in production.
Materials such as cotton, canvas, bamboo, linen and even hemp can be used to produce reusable bags. These bags may also contain recycled plastics. Products such as hemp and bamboo biodegrade at a much faster rate than synthetic materials therefore creating less waste. Cotton based bags use fertilizers and pesticides in the cotton harvest process, which has raised concerns for consumers. For consumers to minimize their concern over the harmful products used in the production of reusable bags they could purchase bags that have been manufactured with recycled cotton or organic substances.

The production of textiles at some point will require the use of chemicals. This process can lead to the release of emissions into our air and water sources. The release of these emissions can be greatly reduced if the production of textiles is carried out in more ecological ways such as natural dyes or phthalate free painting. Textiles that want to be recognized with a Global Organic Textile Standard,  need to meet guidelines that the product contains no less then 95% of fibers that have been processed chemical and fertilizer free of prohibited chemicals.

Synthetic bags take less time to biodegrade, and some products are manufactured with recycled plastics that may have ended up in waterways. Reusable bags can be manufactured from a number of recycled sources such as cotton, paper, foil and rice bags. To reduce the impact that consumers have on the environment they should use reusable bags made from recycled products or synthetic bags made with recycled plastics.

One common reason that people delay their use of  Coach Bags  is that they claim the bags are too inconvenient to use. This is a horrible excuse. Reusable shopping bags are not more inconvenient to use than plastic bags - they fill up the same way and carry with handles - just like plastic bags. Yes, they require a washing every once in a while and you do have to remember to bring them, but today's bags are so small and compact that you can feasibly keep one in your purse or glove box so that you're never caught out at the store without one. The benefits far, far, outweigh the 2 extra seconds that it takes you to grab your reusable bags when you head to the store, so stop making excuses and just start using them!

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